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LetReach – сервис push уведомлений.

  • Работает с 20 июня 2015 г.
  • Есть бесплатный тариф.
  • Цена от 990 руб.

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Remind or re-engage your users with Facebook & Chrome Push Notifications, even when they are not on your website. Setup takes a minute. Sign up for Free at https://letreach.com

Дата загрузки:2015-11-18T18:13:39Z

LetReach is a tool that enables the websites to reach & re-engage its subscribers/users by sending them app-like push notifications on their devices; even when they are not browsing any website or without the need of any app. The video gives an introduction of the brains behind it. See more at https://letreach.com

Дата загрузки:2016-01-09T14:11:58Z

In case you're a blogger or a marketer fighting the odds everytime to bring back your visitors, then you're at the right page. LetReach is a tool that helps you reach & re-engage your traffic by converting them into your subscribers and then enabling you to send them push notifications. This is a product walk-through of how push notifications works for any website. If intrigued, feel free to sign up free at http://bit.ly/letreach-signup or check out more at https://letreach.com

Дата загрузки:2016-01-20T08:35:53Z

LetReach is a web push notifications based SaaS product used by websites to bring its users back, even when they're off-page. LetReach is the most comprehensive push notifications solution with advanced features like multiple opt-ins, deep segmentation, laser targeting, push sequencing automation, RSS auto push, A/B Testing, etc. and is being used by over 1,000+ websites now. Check out https://letreach.com to know more.

Дата загрузки:2016-08-02T14:59:54Z

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